Hope you will find here everything you need in regards to Yoga towards a healthy and happy life. Bardhaman Yoga Centre is determined to provide best possible service to the health seekers and Yoga-lovers of all ages.Since the year 1980 we are blessed by thousands of our students,members,Top Yoga Practitioners,well wishers and admires.Join us,Practice asana,Prayanayam,meditation and have a joyful "Yoga-Life"

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Why Yoga?

Yoga is a universal subject

Yoga systems as invented by the monks and saints of ancient time, is no doubt a gift to the humanity. Yoga takes care of us in all the aspects of human life - physical, mental, social, moral, emotionl, intellectual, spiritual etc. Also benefits of yoga helps in financial sector through minimizing the treatment and medicinal expenses. By practising yoga regularly we can avail a disease-free healthy life, which is full of joy and peace.

Yoga can be termed as a 'Universal Subject'. It is practised throughout the world irrespective of caste-creed-religion, literate-illiterrate, man-woman, rich-poor, fit-unfit and it can also be practiced for the lifetime. There is no other subject in this world which has been accepted and being cultured by the people in such a wide range. Yoga is Universal Culture for the mankind.

My Experience with Yoga .......Jayanta Hore

Yoga Thinks for My Fitness :

I have learnt many things, studied many subjects, played many games. Among these only Yoga thinks for my total fitness and the others depend on my fitness.

Yoga Demands Nothing :

Benefits of Yoga gives us sound health, helps in increasing energy, flexibility, elasticity, mental strength, concentration memory power and digestive power. It also saves medical expenditure and brings peace to the mind. On the contrary, yoga demands some time and a little effort only. - No doubt, practising yoga is a profitable deal.

Yoga Brings Success Nearer :

Benefits of Yoga gives us good health, good health helps in acquiring education, education helps to earn money; education and money make us successful in life. Now, we can conclude that - 'Yoga Brings Success Nearer'.

Yoga is Constantly with Me :

When I was a merely child, I had many friends and attractive toys. As I grew up my friend-circle and likings changed; my social status also changed. One day - I went to the post. I was astonished! From my very childhood none but only Burdwan Yoga Centre is constantly with me and has not changed a little. Till today it suits my needs and satisfied my mind.

Pranayama is a Power :

Air is everywhere; but when it enters our body, it becomes power. It helps in maintaining our existence in this world. The best possible use of this power can be made through Pranayama. That means, 'Pranayama is a power'.

Pranayama is Regulation of Breath :

To a large number of practitioners Pranayama is a breathing exercise. But, in true sense it is a controlled and regulated breathing. Through its practice pranic Energy (Life Force ) in our body is regulated and a favourable co-odination results in between body-mind-spirit and Pran Shakti. Ultimately, we feel charged and energetic.

"Early to bed and early to rise, keeps us healthy, wealthy and wise"

In conformity with the phrase "Early to bed and early to rise, keeps us healthy, wealthy and wise", we can say that "Practice of asana pranayama regularly keeps us healthy, wealthy and wise".