Hope you will find here everything you need in regards to Yoga towards a healthy and happy life. Bardhaman Yoga Centre is determined to provide best possible service to the health seekers and Yoga-lovers of all ages.Since the year 1980 we are blessed by thousands of our students,members,Top Yoga Practitioners,well wishers and admires.Join us,Practice asana,Prayanayam,meditation and have a joyful "Yoga-Life"

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Welcome to Bardhaman Yoga Centre

Yoga systems as invented by the monks and saints of ancient time, is no doubt a gift to the humanity. Yoga takes care of us in all the aspects of human life - physical, mental, social, moral, emotional, intellectual, spiritual etc. Also benefits of yoga helps in financial sector through minimizing the treatment and medicinal expenses. By practising yoga regularly we can avail a disease-free healthy life, which is full of joy and peace.

All the team members of Bardhaman Yoga Centre always strives hard to improve the quality of life of the people through Yoga. It is own story belief that yoga is leeneficial for all irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed and religion.Benefits of Yoga increases positivity in our mind and helps us to lead a healthy and meaningful life. Read More....

Why Yoga?

Our Book Details

  • Sakaler Janya Yoga Byayam
  • Sahaj Yoga Byayam
  • Susasthya O Yoga Byayam
  • Sachitra Yogasan
  • Sab Ke Liye Yogasan
  • Yogasan (Coloured Chart)
  • Kabita Nana Rakam
  • Patanjali Yoga Darshan and Prathana Mantra
  • Read More.....

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